oh the hell with it. i’m gonna have a party.

A: Age – 21

B: Bed size – at home: full; at college: twin

C: Chore you hate – unloading the dishwasher

D: Dogs – I love them, but have never had one as a pet. yet.

E: Essential start to my day – tea

F: Favorite color – olive green/ burgundy

G: Gold or silver? silver

H: Height – 5’8

I: Instruments you play – started with piano. went to clarinet. working on guitar right now.

J: Job title – stevenson work and tech. boom.

K: Kids – none!

L: Live – currently: nor cal

M: Mom’s name – Marlene

N: Nicknames – kitkat; katy kat

O: Overnight hospital stays – none! (knock on some wood)

P: Pet peeve – when people chew their gum/food too loudly. when people play their ipods so loudly that you can hear it ( i worry about their ears!)

Q: Quote from a movie – Get in mah belly!

R: Righty or lefty – righty

S: Siblings – one big bro (27)

T: Time you wake up – between 8:30 and 10 depending on class etc…

U: Undecided – right now i’m undecided on spring break plans!

V: Vegetables you dislike?  none. bring on the veg.

W: What makes you run late – wet hair from the shower. i hate being cold.

X: X-rays?  just x-rays of my teeth

Y: Yummy food you make – recently, macaroons and donut muffins.

Z: Zoo animal favorite – monkeys


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